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General Surgery at Jade Clinics prioritises precision and effective treatment in a comforting environment. Our expert surgeons specialise in a wide range of surgical procedures, emphasising minimally invasive techniques for quicker recovery and reduced discomfort. With dedicated day care facilities and 6 beds for your comfort, we focus on delivering comprehensive surgical care without the need for overnight stays.

We are committed to your well-being and strive to provide personalised care plans, emphasising early intervention and evidence-based practices. At Jade Clinics, our approach to general surgery revolves around collaborative decision-making, ensuring you’re well-informed and actively involved in your treatment journey.

At Jade Clinics, we prioritise your good health.

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Treatments and Procedures

Jade Clinics boasts a comprehensive range of advanced treatments and procedures in general surgery, catering to diverse medical needs with a commitment to patient well-being. The skilled medical professionals at Jade Clinics are proficient in various aspects of general surgery, including but not limited to minimally invasive surgeries, appendectomies, hernia repairs, and gallbladder procedures. With a focus on patient-centric care, the clinic employs state-of-the-art technology to ensure precise diagnostics and effective interventions.

From routine surgeries to more complex procedures, Jade Clinics upholds the highest standards of medical excellence. The clinic’s dedication to fostering a supportive and healing environment is complemented by a team of experienced surgeons, nurses, and support staff, contributing to the overall success of general surgical interventions. Patients seeking compassionate and expert care in general surgery can confidently rely on Jade Clinics for their commitment to excellence and the advancement of surgical practices.

General surgery in kokapet

Our Specialists

Meet our compassionate specialists, each dedicated to addressing various surgical concerns and providing individualised care to support your health journey.

Best General Surgeon In Hyderabad

Dr. Sirisha Routhu

  • Department: General Surgery 
  • Designation: Consultant General Surgeon
  • Experience: 9 years
  • Timings: Mon – Fri (06:00PM – 08:00PM) 
Dr. Sirisha, a distinguished General Surgeon specialises in lasers for Proctology, Podiatry, and Breast diseases. With close to a decade of expertise, she excels in treating conditions in these specialised areas. Dr. Routhu believes in keeping up with the principles of work ethics and has prime time management skills, while also prioritising patient care. 

Why are we Hyderabad's Premium General Surgery Clinic?

At Jade Clinics, we offer top-tier surgical care designed to meet your individual health requirements. Emphasizing both innovation and personalized treatment plans, we have established ourselves as a premier general surgery clinic in Hyderabad.

Our mission is to deliver the best possible health outcomes for our patients, whether performing routine surgeries or complex procedures. Located in Kokapet, our general surgery clinic is fully equipped to manage a broad spectrum of surgical needs. Trust Jade Clinics for professional excellence, compassionate care, and a dedication to ensuring your overall wellness and recovery.

Frequently Ask Questions

No, we prioritise day care services and do not offer overnight stays. Our aim is to ensure a comfortable and efficient recovery within a day.

We have 6 dedicated day care beds to facilitate the comfort and recovery of our patients undergoing general surgical procedures.

We specialise in a variety of surgical procedures, employing minimally invasive techniques to ensure quicker recovery and reduced postoperative discomfort.

commended surgical approach, ensuring you are well-informed and involved in decision-making.

Yes, Jade Clinics provides in-house pharmacy services for convenient prescription fulfilment, as well as diagnostic services for swift and precise diagnosis.

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