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About Jade

The Brilliance Fueling our Mission

Our mission at Jade Clinics is to redefine medical care for those seeking simple and personalised care. Our distinct approach ensures ample time with doctors and a wide range of services in one location. We foster an empathetic, safe, and neutral environment by connecting compassionate doctors.

Our team of exceptional doctors at Jade Clinics comprises individuals who epitomize excellence in healthcare. Dr. Nikhila Juvvadi, Dr. Manisha Mareddy, Dr. Kushal Donkada, Dr. Rithima Juvvadi, Dr. Srinayan Katari, Dr. Arun Reddy Mallu, Dr. Sravya Sadaram, and Dr. Nainika Juvvadi collectively bring diverse expertise and unwavering dedication to patient care. Their commitment extends beyond medical proficiency; they embody empathy, a keen understanding of individual needs, and a shared passion for delivering exceptional healthcare experiences. With their collaborative efforts, they create a nurturing environment where patients find not just treatment but understanding, support, and a pathway to enduring health and well-being. Welcome to a healthcare journey guided by a team devoted to your complete care and comfort.

Welcome to an out-of-the-ordinary healthcare experience.

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Where Medical Expertise meets Patient Comfort

Jade Clinics was started by a group of progressive, enterprising doctors that want to change the healthcare landscape in Hyderabad. Patient first in practice involves more than a tagline for them. They wanted to build a space for patients who want an uncomplicated approach to medical consultation, adequate time with the doctor, and multiple medical services under one roof. Jade Clinics aims to provide high quality, well rounded care and multi speciality service, that connects doctors to build an empathetic, safe and neutral environment all through consultation and treatment. The intention is to ensure that every patient feels taken care of and heard. It’s an experience of good health, preventative treatment and meaningful experiences.

Empowering Health With Our Leading Founders

Meet the Oracles who help us provide the best care and healing for our patients.

Dr. Nikhila Juvvadi
Dr. Nikhila Juvvadi Managing Director/ Consultant Internal Medicine Specialist.
Dr. Rithima Juvvadi
Dr. Rithima Juvvadi Founder/ Consultant General Physician
Dr. Kushal Donkada
Dr. Kushal Donkada Consultant ENT Specialist
Dr. Nainika Juvvadi
Dr. Nainika Juvvadi MBBS & MD in Radiology
Dr. Arun Reddy Malla
Dr. Arun Reddy Malla Founder/ Consultant Orthopeadician
Dr. SriNayan Katari
Dr. SriNayan Katari Founder/ Consultant Nephrologist

Why Choose Us

Patient-Oriented Care
Patient-Oriented Care

We emphasise compassion, empowerment, trust, and respect in our patient-centred care.

Collaborative Treatment
Collaborative Treatment

We support patients by fostering trust through collaborative, informed treatment decisions.

Simplified Hassle-free
Simplified Experience

We simplify care, ensuring a smooth healthcare journey for everyone.

Integrated Delivery
Integrated delivery

Championing a holistic approach, we integrate mental health, nutrition, fitness with medical care.